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Royal Palace of Brussels The Belgian Monarchy.
The Royal Palace of Brussels is the Kings administrative residence and main workplace, where he works daily with his staff. In his office at the Brussels palace, the King receives the representatives of political institutions, foreign guests heads of state, ambassadors and other guests.
Brussels touch - Fashion Lace Museum: Fashion Lace Museum.
This unique exhibition invites you to discover Brussels mark on contemporary fashion, from the 1980s to the present day. It takes a look at what sets Brussels fashion apart, otherwise known as the Spirit of Brussels, through the talent of 33 fashion designers.
Brussels - Apple Store - Apple BE.
Je kunt shoppen door langs te komen of een afspraak te maken voor een persoonlijke sessie met een Specialist. Krijg ondersteuning bij de Genius Bar of maak een afspraak. Opent om 10:00uur.: Gulden Vlieslaan 26/28 Brussel 0800 81 685 Kaart en routebeschrijving.
Brussels Regional Informatics Centre.
Posted on Mar 17, 2022. Read all news. CIRB-CIBG - Avenue des Arts, 21 Kunstlaan - 1000 Brussels - Tel. 02 282 47 70. Complaints Disclaimer Web accessibility statement Created and hosted by CIRB-CIBG - All rights reserved 2021.
Jobs in European affairs in Brussels and EU Institutions.
EU Policy and Business Development Manager - Brussels. Fundraising Officer/Coordinator - Brussels. Senior European Health Project Manager - Brussels or London. Senior Consultant - Migration and Asylum - Brussels. Senior Consultant - Public Policy - Brussels, London or Birmingham. Communications Manager - Brussels, London or Birmingham. The Johns Hopkins University School Master of Arts MEPP. Free Jobs Newsletter.
Serve the City Brussels - Values-based volunteering.
Join our biggest event of the year, and gather with hundreds of volunteers from all around the world. We offer you a chance to connect beyond borders and to experience how we can make a big difference when we come together to help our neighbours in the streets of Brussels.
Buildings of the Commission and Executive Agencies in Brussels European Commission.
Buildings of the Commission and Executive Agencies in Brussels. Buildings of the Commission and Executive Agencies in Brussels. Map and listing of buildings. Official address: European Commission, 1049 Brussels, Belgium. Check out the list of buildings of the Commission and executive agencies, and their occupiers.
Brussels is a natural place to come since it is a global hub when it comes to, among others, issues in data protection. In particular, the Brussels Privacy Hub serves as an important venue. for data protection professionals, not just from the EU but from other parts of the world, where.

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